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2010 Outdoor Summer Soccer Information                     Phone: 905 451 6395

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Email:  info@centralwestindoor.com  - for a quicker response contact us by email.

Fees:  12 week Program: $159.00* includes all taxes
*All Fees include taxes, shirt, shorts, socks, awards, pictures, free soccer ball and a fun Day/ Awards Day at the end of the season.

Program will begin  May 31, 2010 and run through until August 29, 2010.

Tentative Game Days:  (please note that days may need to be changed, without notice, to accommodate league requirements) 

Totshots - Girls & Boys born 2007 & 2006  - Wednesdays at 6:00 pm (coed)
Coed High School Kickers -  Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays

Boys Born                                                                    Girls Born                              
2005   Wednesdays                                                      2005    Thursdays
2004   Wednesdays                                                      2004    Thursdays
2003   Wednesdays                                                      2003    Thursdays
2002   Tuesdays or Wednesdays                                 2002    Thursdays
2001   Tuesdays or Wednesdays                                 2001    Thursdays
2000   Tuesdays                                                            2000    Thursdays
1999   Mondays                                                             1999     Mondays
1998   Mondays                                                             1998     Mondays
1997   Mondays                                                             1997     Mondays
1996   Mondays                                                             1996     Mondays

Approximate Start Times:  6:00 pm or 7:10 pm

Field Location: 

Meadowvale Secondary School
6700 Edenwood Drive
Mississauga, ON L5N 3B2

(Click on map to enlarge)

League Structure:  Age groupings will be decided once registrations are complete.  It may be necessary to form coed teams if there are not enough registrations to sustain a boy's only or girl's only division, however this will only be done as a last resort unless otherwise indicated.

Coed Leagues:  Totshots  Girls & Boys born 2007 & 2006
                           Coed Kickers Girls & Boys High School Age
                           Divisions that do not have enough registrations to sustain a boys only or girls only division.

Important Information: You can expect to receive a call from your child's Coach on or before May 25th, 2010.  If you have not received a call by this date, please email us your child's name, & date of birth to info@centralwestindoor.com or call us at 905 451 6395 with your child's information.

All participants must wear shin guards and soccer cleats.  These can be purchased from any local Walmart, Canadian Tire, Zellers or Sports Store.

You will be required to commit to one day a week.  Games will begin on time, so please come 5 - 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  There will be a 20 - 30 minute warm up, practice prior to each game.  Each Coach will be given a specific skill that will be introduced during these practice session.  Additional practices are optional and are left up to the team, parents and coaches.

Coaching:  Recreational Youth Soccer teams at the O.P.S.L. / Central West Soccer are coached by parent volunteers. In this way we can provide children an opportunity to play and participate at an affordable cost. If you can help out, please check the box on your child's registration form.   Coaching Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

Training Manuals and a pre-season coaching clinic will be provided to help coaches get started.  Each week, we provide the Skill of the Week with excellent drills and tips for each practice.  Our referees and staff will assist you every step of the way.  Enthusiasm and encouragement is the only experience necessary to becoming a good coach.

Sometimes a coach is unable to fulfill their commitment to coach the team. This may be due to changes in their personal life or their work schedule. It is then up to the parents, of the players on the team, to step up and help out. Two or three parents, working together, results in a successful season for all of the kids and often a fun and rewarding experience for themselves.  Team work is what we want to promote and instill in our children.

It is not necessary to have a strong soccer background to coach recreational house league teams. The best coaches are those who are encouraging, put the kids first and understand that the children sign up to participate and have fun. 

Rain Days:  In the event of rain, you are expected to show up at the field at your scheduled time.  The decision to cancel games due to weather conditions or field conditions is made by the Referee and/or Field Manager at the time of the game. A "Rain Delay"  will be called if there is any sign of lightning, or heavy rain fall or any unsafe weather condition.  Teams will be asked to wait for 15 minutes to see if the weather improves as does many times.  If weather persists, the game will be abandoned by the Referee.  Games are not rescheduled unless there are more than 3 games cancelled over the season due to weather. Any rescheduled games will most likely be played on Friday evening or on weekends.

Zero Tolerance Policy:  Harassment of referee, coaches, players and staff will not be tolerated by anyone.  All of our referees are trained and for some this will be their first season; they are also learning so be patient.  If continual problems persist please report it to the League Director or send an email to info@centralwestindoor.com with your concerns.  Under no circumstance should you approach the referees, coaches or players yourself.   Reports of such incidences may be cause for expulsion from the League, the Club and its facilities.  In such cases No refunds will be granted.    

It is important to remember that we are a recreational soccer club and are here to have fun, teach good sportsmanship, soccer skills and team spirit.  We do our best to equally balance teams based on past evaluations and level of skill provided by the parents on the registration form.  It may be necessary for us to move players within the first few weeks to balance teams correctly however there will always be a winner and a loser.   Losing is often a part of life and how we, as parents, choose to handle the experience will reflect on our children, so please, lets teach our children good life lessons.

Thank you for registering with the O.P.S.L. a division of Central West Soccer. 

Enjoy your season and have FUN!




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